New Version Active–Check out the New Features of Ddu V3.0

January 12, 2018  Source: Ddu 345


Ddu V3.0 is finally online. Let’s check out the new functions!


I.  Brand-new visual optimization

A clearer and more concise Ddu home page


II. Classifications of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment


Popular products will automatically be recommended to you after selecting pharmaceuticals or medical equipment classifications.

For example, if you select “medical equipment”, the results will be displayed as follows:


III.  More convenient to post RFQs

Scan the QR code next to the RFQ and instantly reply to your quotation.


IV. Check out medical information on Ddu Media


Everyday updates on Fresh Focus, Trade Shows, Market Report and Ddu College.


V. Define your own classification

Overwhelmed by too many pharmaceutical and medical equipment classifications? Select the classification of your interest and create your own Ddu page.


VI. Guidance pop-ups for new users

Step-by-step guidance for new users before you start your cross-border medical trade.


VII. Other functions

Besides the Ddu’s official website home page, the company page and users’ backend system will also be upgraded. More new functions are on their way!

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