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June 20, 2017  Source: drugdu 320

Hunan Chang’an International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred as Chang’an Pharmaceutical) was established in 1993. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of raw materials and formulations.Over the last twenty years, Chang’an Pharmaceutical has been focusing on the field of tumour (oncology) drugs. With a number of domestic and international honors, Chang’an Pharmaceutical won an industry leading place.At present, Chang’an Pharmaceutical owns four production lines of API, powder injections, large volume injection and freeze-dried powder injection. There are 84 new drugs under production and development, involving in five categories such as anti-tumor, cardio-cerebrovascular disease and anti-infection. Among them, the featured product Lobaplatin for Injection is a first class national new drug as well as the global patent product, which has been uploaded on the website of Ddu.

Q:Could you make a brief introduction of your main product?

A: Lobaplatin is an anti-neoplastic drug originally developed by ASTA Medica, whose advantages are high efficacy, low toxicity and absence of cross resistance. It is a new drug with proprietary intellectual property rights. It has a mutual market.


 Find global customers easily

As Wang Lidong, general manger of Chang’an Pharmaceutical told us, the first step of doing cross-border business is to search the customers. Exhibitions and fairs are main ways to get in touch with customers. However, potential customers we will meet are very limited and it is difficult to hold the important ones. Furthermore, because of the high cost and language barriers, foreign fairs are not available for traditional companies.

Q:Why do you choose Ddu as a channel to develop your business?

A:The reason why I choose Ddu is because of its huge data base. Ddu has a data base of 1,000,000 products. I can find global buyers there. It is a wonderful way to broaden customer channels and lower the cost. As a VIP member of Ddu, Chang’an Pharmaceutical has the access to enjoy the exclusive service of online and offline promotion like the optimization of online search, homepage display, global exhibition. With the efforts of online and offline, Chang’an Pharmaceutical has received dozens of inquiries and has focus on and follow some of them.Wang Lidong said that it may cost several months to search customers on Google or from exhibition, but usually get nothing. The precise matching service of Ddu helps us find customers even at home.


Help domestic manufacturers and products to be recognized worldwide

Q:Chang’an Pharmaceutical is experienced in the export. Have you met some difficulties for the business development?

A:It’s not enough to have target customers. It is well known that it is difficult to do cross-border business. But because of the different requirements, our products suffer difficulties in registration and authentication.Wang Lidong learnt about Ddu and found out, that Ddu is a team with more than 20 years of medical trading experience. It is said that there is going to have an entrance for services providers that are professional in CROs, logistics, translations, etc.Basing on the condition of the Chang'an Pharmaceutical, Ddu will arrange the customer manager to follow. Ddu will recommend high-quality service providers to help them solve difficulties like registration, translation and logistics. Besides, Ddu College provides online training courses relating to import & export, customer relationship, etc. Customized courses are also available.

Q:As the 100th VIP member of Ddu, what’s your expectation for Ddu?

A:An important part of Chang'an pharmaceutical strategic planning is to let the main product Lobaplatin sold all over the world. I believe that with the help of Ddu, we are able to develop a new model for our business, which will make it quicker and more efficient.



It is delighted that Chang'an Pharmaceutical became the 100th VIP member of Ddu. It is Ddu’s honor to invite Chang'an Pharmaceutical for the interview. Drugdu will continue to focus on the optimization of the online and offline services, committing to create more friendly, more humane medical trade ecosystem in the future.No matter it is the 1st member or the 1,000th one, Ddu will try the best. We are always with you.

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