Ddu Priority Products Recruitment Activity Online

March 22, 2018  Source: Ddu 556

In collaboration with Google, Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn, Ddu recently launched their priority products rally to help users on the platform capture business opportunities, hosting an online medical device product fair to get mass exposure for users' quality products.

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During February 2018, the first round kicked off with 25 medical nursing beds and products taking part in the rally. They received 532 inquiries and over 1,550,000 impressions. This was done using comprehensive promotions and multiple EDM channels, banner promotions on the Ddu homepage,  media and soft text advertising and designated spaces for priority products.

 Real data of inquiries during the Ddu online rally

Examples of medical nursing bed promotions

Ddu is currently hosting another online recruitment rally for the following 14 medical devices! Join us not to miss out on this great opportunity!

You’re only three steps away from promotional benefits worth millions of dollars!

Step 1 - Register on Ddu

Step 2 - Complete your information on the company page and of your products,

Step 3 - Apply for the Ddu online medical device product fair!

Link for application:


Tip: By recommending the online rally to others, your product will increase in rank and be first on the list!


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