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Ddu (www.drugdu.com) is the world's first B2B online platform focused on the cross-border trade of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. As a pioneer in the industry, Ddu is committed to accelerating the circulation of the pharmaceutical and medical device trade around the world, making it simpler, easier and more efficient.

It is a well-known fact that there is a constant demand for pharmaceutical drug and medical devices in the health care industry and with the development of an aging society, cross-border medical trade is on the increase with an overall growth rate of 15% every year. However, there are numerous problems such as the difficulties of finding buyers as well as cross-border trade and communication issues in the industry. Moreover,  getting in touch with new clients by attending countless exhibitions remains to be an issue and is often completely fruitless.

With advanced technology and expertise in the international medical trade industry, Ddu has provided a full range of solutions for thousands of global suppliers and buyers to build and develop channels of communication and expand oversea international business opportunities. Attracting over 100,000 companies from more than 100 countries with up to 1,000,000 pieces of product information, the platform allows you to view pharmaceuticals and medical devices, information of suppliers and trade history with the simple click of a button.

Specialized customer service also goes hand in hand with the platform, breaking information barriers in medical trade by recommending potential partners and products to users. This is done by displaying products, supply and demand information and big data intelligent matching. Brand promotion services like the Ddu Credit Verification, the Ddu Trade Accelerator and the Ddu Global Promotion plan with mature methods and efficient promotional channels, offer you great opportunities for brand and product exposure.

1.  Credit Verification

The Credit Verification service aims to serve cross-border trading companies by offering objective, strict and detailed verification services on basic information and qualifications which is intended to help users build brand integrity, promote core competencies and increase exposures of brands and products in global markets.

2.  Trade Accelerator

A one-stop online promotion service, aimed to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies get effective enquiries and swiftly develop global targeted markets, providing you with market strategies, global promotional channels, enterprise page designs and a credit verification guarantee.

3.  Global Promotion Plan

Since the launch of the Ddu Global Promotion Plan, Ddu has succeeded in helping users do international product promotions from the comfort of their own homes as well as match thousands of orders, thereby rapidly gaining popularity in the medical trade industry. Based on global exhibitions and online/offline comprehensive promotions, Ddu is committed to accelerating market development and product and brand internationalization for medical enterprises.

Visit www.drugdu.com for more details on how to register as a pharmaceutical and medical device supplier and connect with more buyers to expand your marketing scope. Register as a Drugdu.com supplier to promote your products and expand your marketing scope, click here. Register as a Drugdu.com buyer to find reliable suppliers and quality products, click here. For business marketing and enquiries please email marketing@drugdu.com or call +86 400-106-9990. 

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