Could (Ddu) be the next unicorn after Didi and Baidu in 2017?

May 20, 2017  Source: Ddu 328

In which industry is the next unicorn company most likely to be born into? With the arrival of an aging society, medical trade is regarded as the industry with the most potential to produce a unicorn company.

In the cross-border medical trade industry, Ddu, the first global cross-border pharmaceutical and medical device B2B platform, recently announced the completion of their pre-A round of financing. Terry Yuan, the CEO of Ddu publicly said: "In the search of the vertical market, Ddu is more professional and knowledgeable than Baidu in medical trade and is excepted to subvert  traditional industries like Didi and so we took the name of the two-words, naming our platform "Ddu ".

Solving the traditional cross-border medical trade problems

Didi has utilized the Internet to successfully optimize the traditional car rental industry within four years which was approved by society, government and insiders. In a similar way, the traditional cross-border medical trade industry is in urgent need of transformation in the face of many difficulties such as asymmetric information, liquidity problems, limited resources and so forth.

As the first global cross-border pharmaceutical and medical device B2B platform, Ddu  leverages its brilliant and unmatchable resources to develop global markets and promote brand globalization  through product displays, supply and demand displays and professional services.

From its founding moments, Ddu has been committed to providing personalized cross-border medical trade services to assist global buyers in find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently. After only one year of rapid development, Ddu has helped over 10,000 registered members with more than 1,000,000 deals.

Insiders have said that there is a huge market for cross-border medical trade. A conservative estimation of pharmaceutical transactions in the USA is about 5 trillion per year/ month / day  which is the highest number of transactions in cross-border e-commerce. These transactions are 4 times higher in the global market. The emergence of Ddu solves the problem of asymmetric information from the two transaction sides as well as low efficiency amongst other things, thus promoting the overall development of the medical trade industry. Ddu has become the industry model in cross-border medical trade e-commerce industries from regarding both number of users and appraisals. All these factors combined, point to the rising of a new unicorn.

A more professional medical trade platform than Baidu

Although the "B2B 2.0 era" has been the focus of much hype, the match making trade seems to be lagging behind the times, which is precisely the  issue within medical trade industry.

For information asymmetry, Ddu provides users with a search engine service similar to Baidu. Once users enter the product name, Ddu will provide the information of corresponding buyers, suppliers and agents automatically. According to reports, Ddu offers the most accurate, comprehensive and updated databases of global medical devices & pharmaceutical information, with  easy access to over 1,000,000 hot medical products and the information of 100,000 medical devices & pharmaceutical companies from over a 100 countries and regions.

Our Mission

“Ddu is a much more professional and suitable search tool for the medical trade industry than Baidu”. Unlike Baidu's comprehensive search, Ddu enables users to target their searches with more precision. Taking the word "injection" as an example, (injection having a lot of meanings in English) search engines usually retrieve a lot of useless information. Users have to replace or add keywords in order to find the results they want. The emergence of Ddu has now overcome this weakness.

In order to facilitate users to browse and query, additional category searches are available in Ddu. Based on experts' opinions, products have been divided into 2 main categories namely medical device and pharmaceutical along with 100 subcategories helping users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Moreover, 14 national labels are helpful to users in choosing products from the searching results. This intelligent service fully reflects the importance placed on searching experience by Ddu.

The upcoming credit guarantee system is anther innovative feature which provides users a  with a more efficient and accurate searching service. “We are currently discussing the credit guarantee system with well-known certification companies, SGS and TUV, credit company Dun & Bradstreet as well as insurance company, Sinosure and substantial progress is anticipated for June”, reported Mr. Yuan. Ddu hopes to better leverage the B2B online platform to help users control the risk of medical cross-border trade transactions.

Online & Offline Promotion

Ddu lays much emphasis on the optimization of its fast match service. Just post the buying offers and the automated system will swiftly match the suppliers or agents. The option reduces the time to reach partners, meet the individual needs of buyers and analyze the information between buyers and suppliers.

Ddu exhibits at least once a month at most of the fairs related to global pharmaceutical and medical device, enabling pharmaceutical and medical device companies to expand their business overseas and promote their brands globally. Users can release the buy offers and agent targets through scanning codes. Buy offers and agent targets will be collected and updated on a large screen, available for viewing by visitors. Ddu breaks the limitation of time and space and maximizes the efficiency of match making transactions.

With excellent and bountiful experiences in medical trade, Ddu is aimed to facilitate the global trade between worldwide buyers and suppliers. Could Ddu do what Didi did four years ago and become the next unicorn? Let us wait and see.


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