WHO Reports a Doctor Being a New Probable Case of Ebola in Congo’s Violence Struck Area

August 28, 2018  Source: WHO 981


As dreaded by the WHO, the first possible case of Ebola of a doctor presenting Ebola symptoms in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a violence-hit unapproachable area.

The doctor, a resident of Oichia in North Kivu, is one among the 14 verified or probable cases in medical professionals. He tested negative for the preliminary test but has been hospitalized again owing to Ebola symptoms post a confirmatory test of his wife who had traveled to the neighboring city of Beni, as per WHO head of emergency operations, Dr. Peter Salama. However, reports from fresh samples are awaited.

The ADF Ugandan Islamist militia has sieged majority of Oicha, resulting in “extremely serious security concerns” after many civilians were killed, he said, adding that the region’s aid laborers, priests and government executives had been held hostage. North Kivu is threatened by dozens out of the 100 and more groups of gunmen that have caused bloodshed in eastern Congo.

For prevention, the acquaintances of the couple, totalling to 97 up till now, have been immunized in Oicha, as reported by Salama.

So for the first time really we have a confirmed case and contacts in an area of very high insecurity. It really was the problem we were anticipating and the problem at the same time that we were dreading,” he said.

 “We know from that incident now in Oicha we are going to have to operate in some very complex environments due to security and access concerns.”

No less than 900 people have lost their lives to Ebola since 1976 when it was first discovered on the Ebola River, causing 10 outbreaks in Congo till date.

By Ddu

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