Mobile-Health applications and wearables, to improve medication Adherence

May 8, 2018  Source: Ddu 257

Consumers are depending on mHealth applications and wearable devices to improve their medication abidance.

A survey conducted for the Express Script on 800 prescription medication user, founds that half of them trust mHealth technology to help them to become steady and one-third stated that they would like to use mHealth applications or devices if it were installed for them.  Experts say half of all medication users are not consuming their drugs as prescribed, costing $300 billion a year in avoiding healthcare expense. Medication adherence is the biggest issue healthcare experts have aimed to solve more assertively.

Nearly half of those surveyed said, consuming their prescribed drug is the most important part of their health regimen, a percentage higher than those selecting a routine check-up (30 percent). 56 percent said reminders would help them to improve medication stability and 19 percent said, this kind of nudge would definitely help them.

That’s where mHealth comes in.

“The three main aspect of non-adherence comes from cost, clinical or behavioral reasons, and this aspect can be solved through mobile health tools,” said Kyle Amelung, PharmD, BCPS, a senior clinical consultant on Express Scripts.

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