Disposable Medical Products that Keep Your Medical Facility Clean and Sterile

March 31, 2022  Source: Ddu 4,355

A lot of emphases is placed on medical devices and equipment necessary for ensuring the well-being of patients, and rightly so. There are however medical products that are often overlooked, but essential to every medical institution. These are the tool that keeps your medical facility sterile and safe, the cleanroom wipes and disposable mop covers.

1. Medical cleanroom wipes

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="425"]"/ Medical cleanroom wipes[/caption]

This may seem trivial compared to other medical necessities, however, if products such as medical cleanroom wipes are not also given priority, the consequences could be life-threatening. Keeping rooms with patients sterile is of the utmost importance. Make sure that your product of choice is consists of microfibers, is super absorbent and has high heat resistance.

2. Disposable mop covers

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Mops are well-known for their germ-carrying qualities which is why a sterile disposable mop cover is the perfect solution. Once again absorbency is essential along with low particle generation. Bio-pharmaceutical disposable mop covers are great for hospitals and operating theatres, GMP workshops and labs.

3. Pre-saturated Nonwoven Wipes

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Pre-saturated wipes are also widely used in GMP workshops and in hospitals globally. A refillable canister keeps the wipes damp and clean making them very convenient and cost-effective. Spun-laced wood pulp non-woven fabric and pre-wet by IPA & DI water in a cleanroom ensures you get a quality product!

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