Intel Survey that Supports Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Settings

July 10, 2018  Source: Healthcare IT 175

A recent survey from Intel revealed that health system decision-makers have considered artificial intelligence as a new element of life. Still, many people are anxious as to whether it could provide safe care.

The Intel survey and Convergys Analytics questioned around 200 U.S. healthcare leaders about their views on Artificial Intelligence (AI), since it continues to progress, alter decision-making in hospitals, predict readmissions and flag probable safety issues. AI could increase efficiency in a cost-effective manner, but people worry that it could pose safety risks.

Intel revealed that health systems use AI more in clinical use settings, compared to operational or financial applications. Around 91 percent support the application of AI-enabled predictive analytics for timely interventions and 88 percent believe AI will bring improvement in care. More than 33 percent of the respondents were worried about the perception of AI from the patients’ point of view. Even clinicians predict that there is a huge risk of serious medical errors.

It is, however, clear that AI would remain active and it will become widely adopted within the next five years.

Hence, the final report of Intel suggested that health systems do a better job of clarifying the negative side of AI technology. The focus should be on making it reliable and safe so that the clinicians become more comfortable with its utility.

By Ddu