Healthcare sector startups to watch in 2018

May 7, 2018  Source: Crunchbase 368

Lately, Biotech and immunotherapy have been widely covered by media, but there’s more to healthcare than taking leaps of faith on new tech. New companies are addressing administrative functions, personalized medicine, and proactive wellness in their approach to the health industry.

According to the Crunchbase 2018 list (website, which allows accessing the details of the listed companies) the two start-ups, both focus on diabetes treatment. Sano Intelligence which received series B funding of $6 million from Fitbit in January 2018, is developing a health wearable biometric sensor to help diabetics assess to control the glucose level. Sano has raised $20.7 Million in total know funding for the previous investor.

Virta Health is founded in 2014 with the primary mission to help diabetic and prediabetic individuals reverse their symptoms and to eliminate the use of medication through its online reversal clinic, the company supplies patients with medical equipment that screens patient’s diet and health. Virta most recent round was a $45million series B funding by Venrock. Virta is focusing to reverse diabetes in 100 million people by 2025

Apart from Diabetes, Helix is a startup focused on personal genomics, which handles sample collection and DNA sequencing to customize family planning to diet regimen based on the individual genetic code. In March 2018, DFJ Growth, along with five other investors bet $200 million on the company, bringing its aggregate funding to $320 million. 

 New York City-based clothing brand FIGS, focusing to distort the traditional medical scrubs industry. FIGS create and designs high quality, tailored medical apparel to the medical professionals. In January 2018, Tulco led with an investment of $65 million in series B round.

Montreal-based telemedicine startups Medopad, digitally connect patients with doctors. Doctors can remotely monitor and connect with patients through the Medopad mobile app, it also provides analytics that helps improve the patients care. Medopad raised $28 million B series funding from NWS Holdings.

The below listed categorical variety of startups speaks to the incredible amount of potential to reshape a diverse, complex, and increasingly accessible and personalized industry.

LetsGetChecked is a startup which allows customers to access laboratory testing from the privacy of home. It received Series A funding of $12 M   million from Optum Ventures and Qiming Venture Partners.

Nomad Health is the first online marketplace for healthcare related jobs. In February 2018, Nomad raised $12 million from Polaris Partners.

Dialogue is a startup which helps to connect directly with a healthcare professional. The company got Series A $12 million from White Star Capital.

Parsley Health is a new company which redesigning primary care by integrating the latest in medical testing, technology and nutrition research. FirstMark invested $ 10 million in Parsley Health.

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