Consumers’ Favourite for Sending Healthcare Data is Secure Texting

June 13, 2018  Source: HealthIT Security 228

According to a survey conducted by Black Book Market Research, secure texting is quickly becoming the first choice to send data and at the same time, keep ensure it is protected. The survey of 1279 physician practices and 770 hospitals showed that 85% of the physician practices and 83% of hospitals use secure texting between patients, care teams, and families.

Dough Brown, Black Book Market research President stated, "Organizations are adopting secure text messaging platforms because texts are convenient”.

During the 2018 Black Book Cybersecurity survey on secure texting, Doc Halo positioned 1st among the physician community for secure communication platform, other platforms like Patient Safe Solutions, PerfectServe, Imprivata, Vocera, TigerText, Telemediq, Spok, Voalte, and OnPage, also obtained high-security marks based on KPIs which cater to cybersecurity and privacy software and services.

According to 94% of physicians and 90% of hospitals in the survey, reports suggest that mobile technology in the healthcare sector is enhancing patients' safety and results. On the other hand, 63% reported ongoing challenges with a buy-in of general mobile adoption strategies and related enterprise technology execution

Brown also stated, "Stakeholders across the healthcare industry are in the quest of finding solutions to use comprehensive real-time data and connectivity cleverly to advance patient safety, productivity, and profitability". 

By Ddu