Amegen and Celgene to be Threatened by Pfizer and AbbVie

May 23, 2018  Source: Ddu 206

Manufacturers of anti-inflammatory drugs have started feeling the pressure from JAK inhibitors with Xeljanz of Pfizer and upadacitinib of AbbVie ready to roll off the shelf. However, some drug manufacturers are likely to feel the heat more than the others.

The manufacturers who are likely to feel the real impact will be makers of drugs for rheumatoid arthritis. Strong efficacy data has been posted by JAK inhibitors in the disease versus other drug classes and side effects of JAK comprising infections and elevated cholesterol appear to be more acceptable in the given environment.

It is broadly estimated that JAKs are likely to dominate around 24% of the market which is not a good news for products like Enbrel manufactured by Amgen. It is likely that the drug is to cascade into fast decline as physicians increasingly prefer JAK as a second drug after Humira of AbbVie.  

This does not necessarily mean that problems will not be caused for Celgene on account of JAKs as the former is developing candidate ozanimod in Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. It is estimated that by the time ozanimod hits the market, an 18-month lead I ulcerative colitis will be attained by Xeljanz coupled with leverage with players.

By Ddu