3 Amazing (and Real) Medical Inventions!

June 29, 2018  Source: News 24 279

Saving lives through accurate diagnosis followed by swift treatment is the major outcome of new and pioneering medical inventions and technologies. And it is encouraging to see that the healthcare industry is heading towards this goal. With this in mind, we have listed three medical advances which have helped to change the medical scenario throughout the world.

1. Augmented reality

Pokemon Go was the first outcome of augmented reality (AR), where a computer can digitally enhance real-life. AR has also made its mark in the medical field.
Without the need for surgery, doctors can easily view the muscles, bones and organs due to the right blend of AR technology and CT/MRI scans.

2. The Sedasys

Sedasys, otherwise known as the ‘robot anaesthesiologist’, is an IV attached computer which monitors patients’ vitals and administers the correct sedative dose. An earpiece is also attached to the patient’s ear to wake them up at the right time for having sedation without any anaesthesiologist’s aid. 

3. Cancer-fighting nanoparticles

Work on sub-microscopic delivery vessels ongoing by scientists to treat cancer. These delivery vessels are injected into a tumor, followed by putting the patient on an alternating magnetic field. The vessels get agitated and heated up in order to kill the cancer cells or make the patient respond to other cancer treatments.

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