Ddu Partners Recruitment – Create your New Business via Ddu’s Promotion at No Cost

July 6, 2018  Source: Ddu 553

Are you a pharmaceutical/medical equipment salesman?

Do you have an abundance of high-quality client resources?

Do you want to create your own business?

Ddu is the ideal platform for you.

What is Ddu (Drugdu.com)

Are you searching for relevant buyers or products? At Ddu we help you find exactly what you need, anywhere in the world.

Ddu is an advanced global e-business trading platform for cross-border medical commerce. We devote our efforts to breaking the industry barriers to finding clients, establishing cross-border trade and building communication channels. We also assist suppliers and buyers from all over the world to solidify international business and provide complete solutions.

Ddu's 3 major medical trade promotion products

1. Ddu Gold Member

Ddu gold membership provides professional promotion services to assist medical enterprises in optimally utilizing the international trading market. This is done via the Ddu platform, where we showcase and advertise products to global buyers, providing our members with business opportunities.

2. Ddu Trade Accelerator

Released by Ddu, the Ddu Trade Accelerator is a tailor-made online promotion service for cross-border medical business enterprises. This service designs a promotion plan according to each specific product and optimizes target markets within a short period of time, ensuring new business opportunities by gaining numerous carefully targeted buyers.

3. Ddu Promotion System

Ddu provides six advertisement placements on the platform for medical business enterprises, specifically focused on your target audience and optimizing international business networks.

Ddu Partners Recruitment

In association with Ddu, your medical business will be promoted using smart and forward-thinking methods (Ddu Gold Membership, Ddu Trade Accelerator, Ddu Promotion System).

Flowchart: Enrolment--contact--confirmation--sign the contract--online training--get your own business started!

Exclusive welfare for Ddu partners

1. Generous payback

2. Medical products with strong competitiveness

3. Thorough product training systems

4. Superior marketing strategies

5. Flexible time and locations, securing your full-time job



Link to apply: http://drugduvip.mikecrm.com/DV8OCoa

For any inquiries contact Tony, tel: +86-13430742614, mailbox: tony@drugdu.com

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