Integration of next-generation sequencing data in clinical trials facilitated by DNAnexus

May 15, 2018  Source: Ddu 225

A clinical trial solution has been unveiled by DNAnexus that facilitates the integration of genomics data sourced from next-generation sequencing (NGS) into clinical studies. A cloud-based genomic data collection platform is offered by DNAnexus.

The theory propagated by DNAnexus lays credence to the fact that cost savings and success rates can be augmented significantly by clinical trials having a target biomarker in early stages. An easier access to genomics data and easy availability of NGS make it easy for researchers to select participants having the biomarker and thus having the propensity to respond to the treatment.

It has been hailed as the backbone of rising precision medicine movement and has laid the foundation of targeted therapy and companion diagnostics. On the flipside, though, it has been a matter of frustration for drug developers dealing with traditional high-throughput genomics data management to integrate microbiome-based insights and human genome into their clinical trial designs.

The working methodology of the new procedure involves sequencing of participant DNA samples and analyzing them by uploading them on the platform. The progress of the analyses is monitored by study clinicians. A clinical trial management system is integrated with the platform for the retrieval and storage of genomic results.

The same GxP-compliant service is being offered by DNAnexus for the new solution.

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