Probiotics for Liver Health

June 15, 2018  Source: MedicalXpress; Healthline 260

Probiotics are defined as beneficial bacteria that are consumed to boost the populations of more beneficial microbes. The importance of probiotics in health improvement seems to be growing worldwide with more awareness of the benefits. For this reason,  numerous research works are currently being conducted in the field of probiotics.

Some benefits of probiotics are:

1. Helps to balance good bacteria in the digestive system

2. Improves various mental health conditions

3. Could lessen allergies and eczema

4. Lessens various digestive disorder symptoms

5. Could assist in weight loss

6. Assists in keeping hearts healthy

7. Can prevent or treat diarrhea

8. Could help to give the immune system a boost

A new research work from Emory University suggested that probiotics could also promote liver health apart from gut health.

Bejan Saeedi, a doctoral candidate at Emory University who conducted this research stated, "Probiotics have been studied most intensely in the context of the gastrointestinal tract, this study provides evidence that the effects of probiotics extend beyond the gastrointestinal tract. What makes this study unique is that it suggests a discreet molecular mechanism by which these effects are elicited."

Saeedi and his team focused their probiotic study on Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (known as LGG). Acetaminophen, which could cause liver damage was administered in mice. When the mice were fed with the probiotic microbe LGG, liver damage was comparatively reduced. Saeedi said, "Administration of the probiotic LGG to mice improves the antioxidant response of the liver, protecting it from oxidative damage produced by drugs such as acetaminophen.”

Saeedi's colleagues had already traced the role of Nrf2 in LGG, which could regulate the genes involved in fighting free radicals.

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