The right illuminating Surgical Lamp

October 5, 2018  Source: drugdu 104


A surgical lamp, also known as a surgical lighthead or operating light is a device that helps a surgeon to focus light on the affected part/ organ to illuminate it while carrying out the surgical procedure. Multiple surgical lamps or a combination of these lights make up a surgical light system.

Optimum illumination is only possible with high-quality surgical lamps. A surgeon requires the best lighting to visualize the tiny vessels and nerves and parts of the patient. Ddu ( understands the need of surgeons and gets the top surgical lamp suppliers/ manufacturers for them.

One of the suppliers is the Mermaid (Medical) Industry Limited which manufactures the II LED Operating Lamp (II SERIES LED 700/700). This lamp is manufactured in China and is CE certified. It has a warranty of 1 year. It is fitted with Germany imported Osram LED medical light source. It is a cold infrared-free light and gives shadow-free Illumination.

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