Surgical Gowns for Operating Theatres

September 3, 2018  Source: Ddu 220


Surgical gowns are sterile and protective plastic clothes worn by surgeons and nurses during an operation. These surgical gowns reduce the risk of microbial transmissions and help to ensure sterility.

Two common types of surgical gowns are disposable gowns and reusable gowns. Disposable gowns are made of thin plastic and fastened with plastic ties. Reusable gowns are mostly made of cotton and can easily be reused after washing.

Innovation in clothing material, increased awareness about hospital-acquired infections followed by patient safety are the factors which globally increase the demand for surgical gowns wholesalers. Due to an increased count in surgeries and an aging population in Europe and North America, these regions rule the market in terms of surgical gown suppliers. The Asian Pacific region is considered to be an emerging market due to the rise in market penetration and hospital-acquired infections. According to ResearchAndMarkets prediction, the global market trend of surgical gowns and drapes is expected to achieve US$ 3.14 billion by 2023, with an annual growth rate of 4.9%.

Our team has listed surgical gowns manufacturers with recommended products including waterproof, nonwoven and spunbonded gowns, by considering major factors like safety and comfort.

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