Sun Pharma Launches Kapspargo Sprinkle to Treat Chest Pain & High Blood Pressure

August 7, 2018  Source: MoneyControl 160


Sun Pharma, India’s largest drugmaker, has launched Kapspargo Sprinkle in the US. This drug is used in the treatment of heart failure, chest pain, and high blood pressure.

The US-FDA approved Kapspargo Sprinkle, a patented formulation of metoprolol succinate, which is the only extended-release sprinkle formulation of beta1-selective adrenoreceptor blocking agent called beta-blocker.

These metoprolol succinate extended-release tablets have overall sales of around $600-700 million per annum in the US.

These Kapspargo sprinkle pellets can either be sprinkled over soft food or administered via a nasogastric tube. They were designed for once-daily long-term administration, especially for patients who have difficulty in swallowing tablets.

Abhay Gandhi, the CEO-North America of Sun Pharma said, "Roughly 40 percent of patients requiring long-term care have difficulty swallowing, a problem that may result in patient non-adherence to medications as well as medication errors."

Abhay Gandhi further added, "Kapspargo Sprinkle capsules may make it easier for patients to take their antihypertensive medication. This innovative product is the latest example of Sun Pharma’s use of advanced technology to create novel formulations of proven medications."

These extended-release capsules are available in varied dosage strengths of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg.

By Ddu

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