Nebulizer Machine ideal for home and clinic use

October 2, 2018  Source: drugdu 90


A nebulizer is a medical device which is used primarily to deliver medicines to the lung cells. The nebulizer machine is fitted with a compressor which compresses liquid medicine under high pressure and converts it into mist. This mist travels through the air pathway when inhaled and reaches the lungs. The user is required to breathe normally and deep inspiration is not needed as in the case of inhalers.

Therefore, the nebulizer machine is an extremely useful device for asthmatic or allergic patients especially kids and physicians managing patients with respiratory illnesses. For the effective delivery of the medicine to the lungs and amelioration of the patient’s sufferings, a good quality nebulizer machine is required and one can find it on the leading global medical devices online B2B platform, Ddu (

Ddu offers the Nebulizer Machine manufactured by China based Shenzhen Fitconn Technology Co.,ltd. It has an oil-free-high-efficiency valve which does not require lubrication everyday and functions with low noise and tiny particles. It is an ideal product for family and medical set up use. It requires a Power of 168VA.

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