Hi-tech Electric Wheelchair

October 3, 2018  Source: drugdu 119


The most disturbing factor for a physically handicapped person is not the pain or suffering but the dependence on others for carrying out daily activities. Even while using a wheelchair, they need somebody to steer or push. For such patients, an electric wheelchair is a boon to their life. Having the controls in their hand is very convenient for them.

There are a number of electric wheelchairs available in the market. Ddu (Drugdu.com) picks the best out of the lot and provides its customers with the selected ones. One of them is the TOPMEDI Electric Wheelchair manufactured by the Chinese company, Guangzhou Topmedi Co.,Ltd.

It is lightweight but can accommodate a person weighing up to 10 kgs. Its driving range is between 16km-20km at the speed of 3-9km/hr. Its maximum climbing angle is of 15 degrees. It is made with aluminum alloy and comes with a warranty of 1 year. It runs on a 20 AH lithium battery. It is equipped with electromagnetic brakes. It is foldable and blends into a compact design which can easily fit in the rear space of even a small car.

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