Fluoroscopy and Natural Color Vision brought together to create Surgical Microscope by Leica.

October 5, 2018  Source: drugdu 88


Vascular neurosurgery sees a new light in the form of the Leica Microsystem’s GLOW800 augmented reality surgical fluorescence system which recently received approval from the FDA. This new system is able to create a simultaneous vision of the surgical field in its natural colors along with flow in the vessels in real-time. It gives complete depth view and is devoid of any misalignments among the two pictures.

Surgeons no longer need to look at two different microscopic images and memorize one image to look at another, they can get access to a combined natural image of the anatomy of the parts being operated upon, with the help of the Aveo digital augmented reality microscope from Leica.

For the past decade Leica Microsystems has been pioneering new fluorescence imaging technologies in partnership with surgeons to advance surgical practices,” said Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems, in a statement. “GLOW800 and future modalities based on the GLOW AR platform will allow surgeons to perform life-changing neurosurgical interventions with the confidence that they have the best possible visual information right in the field of view.”

The aim of Leica is to enhance the precision in surgeries, reduce the operating time and produce better results by presenting this technology to varied products.

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