Dressing Forceps for Hospitals/ Surgical facilities.

October 19, 2018  Source: drugdu 155



Dressing forceps were originally designed to hold dressings or gauze pieces but are now used to hold any delicate structure like tissues, skin, gauze, etc. They are a very important surgical/ medical instrument in small and big procedures alike. They basically extend the grip of the surgeon or the nurse assisting the doctor.
Dressing forceps are slim, slender and consist of two arms that can be pinched together. Raayin Impex, a professional supplier of iris scissors, tweezers, surgical pliers, cutters, etc. from Pakistan manufactures and supplies dressing forceps on Ddu (Drugdu.com), the leading global pharmaceutical and medical devices online B2B platform. They can be ordered in wholesale quantities and are hence, a good choice for hospitals.
These dressing forceps are 12.5cm long. They are available in two variants namely straight forceps and serrated forceps. They are made from high-quality German Stainless Steel. These forceps have smooth edges which make them easy to handle. The company offers customizable logo on the forceps and any customization requested by the customer. Their aim is 100% customer satisfaction.

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