Customizable high quality Surgical Gown

October 19, 2018  Source: drugdu 141


Henan Mecare Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional disposable medical consumables supplier of surgical packs, surgical gown, surgical drape, c-arm cover, ultrasound probe cover, shoe cover, face mask, cap, and underpads. This reputed trader from China supplies its products on Ddu (, the leading global pharmaceutical and medical devices online B2B platform.

One of its high demand products is the surgical gown which is manufactured from SMS/ smms/ pp material. These surgical gowns are available with a warranty of 3 years. These gowns can be ordered in different variants. They provide gowns with long sleeves, short sleeves, and nonsleeves. They can either have an elastic cuff or a knitted cuff.

They are available in sterilized or non-sterilized packaging. They have neck and waist ties. They also provide personalized printed logos on the gowns. These gowns can be ordered in various sizes, weight, colors, and styles. They are manufactured under strict quality inspection standard on production which ensures its high quality.

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