Agilent’s new Software Foremost to Support Allotrope Data Format for Pharmaceutical Industry

August 11, 2018  Source: BusinessInsider 161


Allotrope Data Format (ADF), a promising standard developed by a conglomerate of pharmaceutical companies is being implemented to export files from laboratories by the newly launched upgraded version of a chromatography data system owned by Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A).

The Agilent data system, OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition, is the first to back the new format, planned to standardize data from different sources.

The ADF was designed to standardize the compilation, trade, and storage of analytical data procured in laboratory functions. ADF helps labs to transport and share data across platforms. It also claims to enable amplified automation, minimizing manual errors.

"The development of ADF is an important step toward obtaining faster results and more insight from the data collected and produced within pharmaceutical organizations involved in research, development, and production of chemicals and biomolecules,” said John Sadler, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Software and Informatics Division. "It promises to increase data integrity, improve scientific reproducibility, boost efficiencies, enhance searchability, and fast-track the ability to use all the information collected from a given sample.”

"This is a really important and exciting milestone for Agilent and Allotrope, the future of data, and the digital transformation of our industry,” said Dana Vanderwall, chair of the Allotrope Foundation Board of Directors, and director of Biology and Preclinical IT at Bristol-Myers Squibb, a member of the Allotrope consortium. "Agilent is the first member of the Allotrope Partner Network to develop and launch a commercial product to support the initiative. Commercial solutions in the Allotrope ecosystem are the linchpin of adoption across the industry, so it’s great to see a partner like Agilent build on what has been a very high-level engagement in the Foundation, leverage the Foundation and tools, and launch a major product supporting the ADF.”

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