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Name:MEDICA  2024

Time:  Nov 11-14, 2024

Venue: Dusseldorf Exhibition Center

City:  Dusseldorf/ Germany


Product categories:

Medical equipment: medical electronic instruments, ultrasound instruments, X-ray equipment, medical optical instruments, clinical examination and analysis instruments, dental equipment and materials, hemodialysis equipment, respiratory equipment, hospital wards, operating rooms, emergency room equipment, hospital office equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.

Disposable consumables: disposable medical supplies, dressings and sanitary materials, various surgical instruments, etc.

Medical equipment: Medical care equipment, home health care products, physical therapy, plastic surgery technology, etc.

Medical periphery: Information and communication technology, medical services and publishing.



The MEDICA exhibition showcases the latest medical equipment, medical supplies, medical technology and services, covering various fields such as hospital equipment, surgical equipment, medical instruments, diagnostic equipment, rehabilitation equipment, and home medical supplies. Exhibitors can showcase their latest medical equipment and services at the fair, showing the strength and technical level of their companies to professionals from all over the world.In addition, the MEDICA exhibition provides exhibitors with a platform to understand market trends and business opportunities. A series of seminars and forums will also be held during the show to provide exhibitors and visitors with the latest insights, experience and knowledge of the medical equipment and supplies industry.

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