CPhI Worldwide Europe

December 20, 2023  Source: drugdu 450


Time:  Oct 8-10, 2024

sponsor: Informa Markets

Venue:Milan International Exhibition Center

City:  Milan / Italy


Product categories:

Bulk drug: Vitamins, hormones, sulfonamides, antipyretic and analgesic drugs, tetracycline, amino acids and their derivatives, chloramphenicol, digestive system drugs, other anti-infective drugs, penicillins, aminoglycosides, lincomycin, cardiovascular system drugs, anti-parasitic diseases drugs, cephalosporins, macroliones, respiratory system drugs, central nervous system drugs, and other Western medicine raw materials.

Excipients and dosage forms: excipients, flux-aids, enteric-soluble materials, antioxidants, sweeteners, permeability enhancers, preservatives, disintegrators, coating materials, surfactants, sunblocks, fragrances, filter AIDS, stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, solvents, flavor straighteners, colorants, clarifying agents, PH regulators.

Other natural extracts: Plant extract, animal extract, traditional Chinese medicine raw materials, functional food raw materials, health products raw materials, nutrition and health products raw materials, supplements, dietary fiber, beauty cosmetics raw materials, biological product reagents: antibody, nucleic acid/protein synthesis, carrier and construction, cell biological detection, animal/plant protein/antigen/polypeptide, nucleic acid analysis, library and construction, biochemistry, standard Product/reference product, etc.


About CPhI Worldwide Europe:

CPhI Worldwide Europe (Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Europe Exhibition) is the largest pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition in Europe and is held every year in a different European city. The exhibition aims to provide a platform for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to showcase the latest products and technologies, share industry experience and exchange ideas. The exhibition brings together pharmaceutical raw material suppliers, producers, distributors and professionals from all over the world, providing exhibitors and visitors with an opportunity to learn about the latest market trends and technological innovations.

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