CDMEE 2024

May 14, 2024  Source: drugdu 37


Organiser:Sichuan Hospital Association, Sichuan Medical Device Industry Association, Sichuan Rehabilitation Medical Association

Time:26- 28 September 2024

address:198 Century City Road, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Exhibition hall:  Chengdu Century City new international Convention and Exhibition Center


Product range:

Medical equipment exhibition area: imaging equipment, in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments, disinfection sensor series, medical electronic equipment, medical vehicles, operating rooms and emergency equipment, medical consumables and surgical consumables, medical maintenance accessories and consumables, etc

Medical Examination Exhibition area: Medical analysis system, genetic and life science instruments, laboratory case equipment and consumables, pre-examination equipment and consumables, blood collection management system and transfusion supplies, blood and cell analysis system, pre-examination equipment accessories and maintenance consumables, etc

Rehabilitation and well-being exhibition area: sensory integration training equipment, equipment and supplies for the disabled, rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment, sensory interactive equipment, assistive devices, etc. Sensory integration training equipment, equipment and supplies for the disabled, rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment, sensory interaction equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc

Hospital information Construction exhibition area: Medical Information System (HIS) software and equipment, Radiology information management system, pharmacist management system, drug circulation system, outpatient information network system, data mining and CDSS, hospitalization management system, etc

Hospital Construction and Management Exhibition area: Hospital construction consulting/planning, new technology/equipment/materials for hospital construction, hospital safety equipment and emergency facilities, hospital operation support and logistics services, life support system and medical professional engineering, environmental space design, etc


About CDMEE:

Chengdu Medical Equipment Exhibition (CDMEE) as the western region of the medical industry brand event. The medical Fair jointly organized a number of professional forum meetings with industry associations, built a product display, cooperation and exchange for exhibitors, and provided a professional platform for the audience to obtain information and purchase visits. The exhibition covers the whole industrial chain of medical devices such as medical imaging, medical electronics, medical testing, rehabilitation physiotherapies, disinfection and sterilization, medical devices, ward nursing, medical polymers, interventional devices, medical consumables, operating room equipment, and hospital information technology, providing enterprises with a comprehensive platform for exchange and display.

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