A budget friendly bioprocess control station for microbial applications

February 12, 2024  Source: https://www.news-medical.net/news/20240210/Discover-the-BIOne-250-A-budget-friendly-bioprocess-control-station-for-microbial-applications.aspx 33


Distek, Inc., a leader in laboratory pharmaceutical instruments for over 48 years, proudly presents the BIOne 250 Bioprocess Controller, designed for microbial applications. This latest model is a process optimized design of our well-established BIOne 1250 benchtop bioreactor system, offering an approachable solution to meet the nuanced requirements of advanced microbial bioprocessing.

This new addition to the Distek bioprocessing instrument family is designed as a cost-effective solution for microbial bioprocess applications. Building on the success of the award-winning design of the BIOne 1250 controller, the BIOne 250 provides sophisticated functionality to laboratories and research facilities of all sizes.

The controller retains the popular user interface of the BIOne 1250 via a remote PC or monitor. This unique capability supports the management of multiple bioreactors from a single central screen.

A standout feature of the BIOne 250 is its scalability, accommodating the evolving needs of bioprocess applications, making it suitable for scale-down modeling, material generation, and process optimization. Researchers can trust in the controller's reliability and precision, ensuring consistent and accurate results throughout experiments. Furthermore, the BIOne 250 seamlessly integrates with Distek's existing product line, offering compatibility with a range of bioprocess equipment.

The budget friendly price for the BIOne 250, makes advanced bioprocess control more accessible without sacrificing functionality and quality allowing scientists to achieve powerful results at an affordable price.

Distek remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the bioprocessing industry, and the BIOne 250 Bioprocess Control Station is a testament to our commitment to continual improvement and excellence.

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