【EXPERT Q&A】What is the process for exporting medical devices to the UAE?

February 12, 2024  Source: drugdu 41

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The specific steps and requirements for exporting medical devices to the UAE include:

Product Compliance Assessment: Ensure that the medical device complies with the specific standards of the UAE, including safety, efficacy, and quality control. Obtain international certifications such as the CE mark or FDA approval.

Registration with the UAE Ministry of Health:

 Submit an application for medical device registration to the UAE Ministry of Health. This includes submitting detailed documents such as product descriptions, safety and efficacy data, and technical files.

Choosing an Authorized Agent: Select an authorized agent in the UAE responsible for handling registration, import, and distribution matters. Ensure that the agent has a legal operating license and a good market reputation.

 Labeling and Instructions for Use: The product labels and instructions for use should meet the language requirements of the UAE (usually in Arabic and English) and include necessary product information such as ingredients, usage guidelines, warnings, and manufacturer details.

Application for Import License: Apply for a medical device import license through the agent with the UAE Ministry of Health.

Preparation of Export Documents: Prepare complete export documents, including commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, etc., along with proof of product compliance.

 Logistics Arrangements: Choose a reliable logistics provider to arrange transportation from the origin to the UAE. Ensure compliance with international transport regulations and UAE import requirements.

 Customs Clearance Process: Work with the agent to assist in the customs clearance process in the UAE. Provide all necessary documents to ensure smooth customs clearance.

 After-Sales Service and Support: Provide after-sales services including product installation, maintenance, and training. Establish customer service support to address any quality or usage issues.

 These steps cover all the necessary preparations and requirements for exporting medical devices to the UAE, ensuring that your product meets the specific regulations of the UAE market.

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