The Kidney That Wanders – Floating Kidney Disease

May 17, 2018  Source: Ddu 293

It has always been believed that the internal organs stay in the same location in our bodies. But breaking news arose where a young woman in Michigan told doctors that she felt as if a ball was rolling inside her body whenever she moved. Upon being diagnosed, it was found that it was, in fact, not a ball but her right kidney. This condition was termed as ‘Floating Kidney’.

For the past 5-6 years, she has gone through abdominal pain on her right side. The condition would be better while lying down but worse while standing. Dr. Akshay Sood, a urologist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, diagnosed it as nephroptosis, where one of the kidneys falls into the pelvis area while standing up. He mentioned that due to insufficient fat to keep the kidney in its place, it falls into the pelvis while standing due to gravity. Hence the ureter (the tube which connects the kidneys and the bladder) bends and urine isn’t properly excreted. The urine reverts back to the kidney, causing the kidney to swells up leading to abdominal pain.

Sood said, “A floating kidney is a hard condition to diagnose, and it's not that common”.

To treat this condition, ‘Nephropexy’ should be conducted, which will hold the kidney in place.

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