Strange Moving Lump in Woman’s Face

July 11, 2018  Source: New England Journal of Medicine 187

In a New England Journal of Medicine report, a woman aged 32 visited a rural place outside of Moscow. After some time, she observed a small lump under her left eye after taking a selfie. But after five days, it was found above the eye. After 10 days, her upper lip was found bulging.

Later, doctors gripped the bulge with forceps and by using local anesthesia, they pulled out the parasitic worm named Dirofilaria repens within 15 minutes.

Dr. Vladimir Kartashev, a professor of medicine at Rostov State Medical University said, "The parasite can appear and disappear in few minutes; Doctors who are not familiar with the disease don't believe ... the patients. That's why I asked the patient to take selfies."

US Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that this parasite is prevalent among carnivores like dogs and gains entry through mosquito bites. Humans were found to be accidental hosts. Few cases have been reported throughout the world, predominantly in parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. In humans, it usually appears as lumps under the skin and has occasionally been found in the eye, breast, brain, male genitals etc. 

Dr. Jorgen Kurtzhals, the professor at University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University Hospital and the president of World Federation of Parasitologists, said “It is rare for it to cause disease in humans; A lot of people have a fear of contracting worms of various kinds. I think it is important not to scare people. This is still a very rare condition -- despite the apparently rising numbers."

By Ddu