Selfie App to Prevent Skin Cancer

June 14, 2018  Source: mHealthSpot 316

Over the past couple of decades, there has been a steady rise in the number of malignant melanomas (skin cancer) diagnosed globally. A research team from Essen University Hospital in Germany suggested developing a mobile app, which would help in preventing sunburns and sunbed use from a young age.

The mobile app named Sunface is available for both iPhones and Android-based devices. With the app, the user takes a selfie and is then offered three categories named ‘daily sun protection’, ‘no sun protection’ and ‘weekly sunbed’. The app then calculated what the user’s face would most likely look like in 25 years’ time. The result depends upon the skin type which the user selects at the start of the app. This app detects the most common UV-induced skin cancers with the help of extra buttons. Even the risk level is calculated with changes in facial behaviors. This app also suggests tips on sun protection, describes the facial changes and detection of skin cancer.

Dr. Titus J. Brinker, the dermatologist from Essen University Hospital said, "Research shows that the main motivation for the use of sunbeds is the strong belief that tanning makes you attractive. The opposite is the case. Adequate sun protection and staying away from sunbeds do both: Preventing skin aging and malignant melanoma."

The app was also praised by various other scientists in the field of skin cancer research saying, “Sunface has the potential to become an important part of international prevention strategies as it reaches specifically young risk groups."

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