Schizophrenia Treatment Simplified Using mHealth Tools

May 30, 2018  Source: Ddu 198

A pioneering mHealth program has found favor with mobile health advocates. The stated program is anticipated to be useful in the treatment of people suffering from schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington pointed to the fact that the effectiveness of an in-person treatment program can be matched by a credible mobile health platform that integrates daily touches and weekly clinical interactions.

The research brings into comparison the FOCUS app, a development of Dartmouth College’s Center for Technology and Behavioral Health, with the Wellness Recovery Action Program (WRAP), a widely-used, clinic-based, self-management intervention program led by trained facilitators. The program had the enrollment of some 165 patients and evaluations were conducted before and after the program and six months later.

Daily messages and self-assessment surveys are received by those using the FOCUS app, sent to the mental healthcare provider of the patient for reference in weekly phone calls. The findings of the study published in Psychiatric Services state that treatment was commenced by 90 percent of those using the mHealth app while 58 percent of those enrolled in WRAP seeking help. Additionally, it was seen that 56 percent of the participants in FOCUS were fully engaged in treatment after eight weeks as compared to 40 percent in the WRAP group.  

By Ddu