Ribavirin – The Potential Treatment Against NIPAH

June 12, 2018  Source: Ddu 181

The Nipah virus infection was first observed in Malaysia in 1998. But at present, this infection is prevalent in India where an estimated 16 people recently died. The infection starts with flu-like symptoms, which could then lead to the victim falling into a coma within two days.

Scientists from National Institute of Virology have found that Ribavirin could treat the Nipah viral infection, by reducing inflammation in Nipah infected patients. Ribavirin is effective in Hepatitis C treatment though there is no sufficient proof that this drug would remain effective against Nipah. The doctors from Malaysia did, however, confirm its effect in slowing the viral transmission throughout the body. Ribavirin should be administered within 2-3 days, after becoming infected with the Nipah virus.

At present, Devendra Mourya, the director of National Institute of Virology revealed that further studies are being conducted in order to discover the binding effects of Ribavirin with Nipah virus. Mourya said, “At present, this is the only in-silico study carried out by scientists in India to prove the Ribavirin’s efficacy as an anti-viral drug.”

Till date, there is no final call whether to confirm Ribavirin as an official drug against a Nipah infection. Doctors in India are still hoping that the number of Ribavirin treated patients would continue to rise.

By Ddu

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