Overuse of Multivitamins could be Harmful

June 26, 2018  Source: India Times 554

Usage of multivitamins either through prescription or on own accord possibly crossed a limit in the past few years. New research published in Journal of American College of Cardiology reveals that health supplements can increase the risk of heart issues.

Dr Anoop Mishra, the chairman of Fortis C-Doc said, “People take it, often on their own, to make up for the lack of nutrients in their daily food. Sometimes, doctors also over-prescribe them.” He further added, “Self-prescription is even more common. People start taking supplements, for example, the multivitamins, simply because they read in some group messaging that it is beneficial for overall health.”

Dr. Ashok Seth, chairman of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, and Dr. Sujeet Jha, director of endocrinology at Max Saket, also supported the statement by saying, “Health supplements are not classified as drugs in India. They are categorized as food supplements and, therefore, widely advertised. Some of them are endorsed by film stars.”

Dr. Seth further added, “Drug companies are capitalizing on sentiments of patients where their belief is that if they take vitamins, they will feel less tired and physically better.”

Dr Sandeep Mishra, professor of cardiology at AIIMS, India stressed on the need to eat healthier foods rather than consuming health supplements. He said, “There is an urgent need to warn people against over-use of supplements. They can help only if there is a known deficiency of a particular vitamin or mineral. Otherwise, long-term usage of such supplements can be harmful.”

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