Micro-Robot Developed To Deliver Drugs To Human Body

June 14, 2018  Source: Phys.org 304

Capsule-type micro-robots that can enclose cells and drugs for delivering to specified parts of the human body have been developed by an international team of researchers, led by the Director of DGIST-ETH Micro-robot Research Center, professor Hongsoo Choi. The lids of these micro-robots have been tailor-made to be opened and closed, unlike standard methods which have been positioned to install cells or drugs outside of micro-robots.

The suggestion of capsule-type micro-robots was suggested by professor Choi through the utilization of a capsule structure having the capacity to encapsulate cells and drugs and a propulsion system that imitates in the characteristics of bacteria. The research was done collaboration with Professor Cheil Moon from the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the research team of professor Bradley.J.Nelson from the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich).

Globally, there has been a rapid acceleration in the development of advanced technologies in the medical devices and healthcare market. Pioneering research is also being undertaken in the research and development of high-tech medical robotics domains such as micro-robots having the potential for delivering drugs or cells to specified target areas of the body.

Professor Choi said, "With the use of capsule-type micro-robots, cells and drugs can be encapsulated and released at desired locations, so loss and denaturation of cells and drugs due to the external environment can be prevented. We will be doing further study to give various medical applications in the years to come."

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