Is Sushi Really all that Healthy?

June 28, 2018  Source: HealthLine 145

Sushi is considered one of the trendiest foods. But how healthy is it really? The answer is YES, it does have numerous health benefits. These health benefits depend on what you consume. Always consume a serving of fatty fish like salmon once a week. Since fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, it is always recommended by dieticians. Omega-3 fatty acids are a real memory booster. But it is better to avoid fatty fish such as mackerel and tuna due to their high mercury level. Mercury, if consumed, can be too toxic and has been linked to birth defects. Just one or two tuna rolls is recommended. Shrimp, scallops or eel can be consumed for protein.

Similarly, it would be better to consume fiber-rich brown rice compared to white rice. White rice is not fiber rich which would increase blood sugar levels, leading to more cravings. Hence it is recommended not to eat more than 1 ½ cups of rice throughout the day and no more than two-thirds per cup at a time.

The healthiest sushi options include:

  • Sashimi, a plain slice of raw fish that comes with a base of brown rice.
  • Vegetarian rolls include avocado, tofu, carrot & bell pepper.
  • California Roll includes cucumber, crab and avocado.

It is better to avoid rolls like kamikaze rolls (mayonnaise and tempura), tempura rolls (fried filler), Philadelphia rolls (cream cheese) and any roll which is fried on the outside.

By Ddu