Is Red Wine Really Good for You?

May 30, 2018  Source: Ddu 199

Having a few glasses of red wine or cocktails is a common downtime activity. However, doctors have a different say in this regard. It was scientifically revealed that there are no proven health benefits to drinking red wine. Instead, consumption of red wine could be harmful to the body, especially the skin.

Dr. Mark Menolascino, a doctor of internal medicine from the US said, “Drinking more than a moderate amount can increase the risk of dementia and cause inflammation - which can increase the risk of cancer, depression, and heart disease.”

Dr. Isabel Sharkar, a naturopathy doctor from Washington DC said, “If that weren’t enough to turn you off the habit completely, red wine also happens to be the worst drink for your skin of all the alcohol choices; red wine is likely to cause “flushing, redness, and blotchy skin.”  

Alcohol basically opens up blood vessels, leading to a puffy face. Dr. Mark Menolascino further stated that it is the sugar content which should be blamed since it overloads the liver and passes as raw sugar into the blood, or as hard-to-burn fat. The increased sugar content in alcohol causes dehydration and inflammation that leads to cell damage, bloodshot eyes, dull skin, and acne.

It is strictly advised by Dr. Sharkar to consume only a moderate amount of clear alcohol with minimal additives. Since it quickly passes throughout the body, the damage levels could be lessened this way.

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