Invention of 3-D Bioprint Cornea

July 4, 2018  Source: Biotecnika 229

Cornea transplantation is considered to be the major surgical treatment for the reduction of corneal function, leading to blindness. Over ten million people throughout the world need this surgery to prevent blindness. Continues efforts are being carried out by numerous tissue engineers to create an artificial corneal prosthesis as an effective measure.

One such a research team is from Newcastle University where they have invented a 3D bioprint cornea, in order to control and focus the entry of light into the eye. By using a simple 3D bio-printer, the team united healthy corneal stem cells using hydration and alginate to produce ’bio-ink’. It is a simple solution used to replicate a human embryo form within 10 minutes.

The research team could build a cornea to match a patient’s unique specifications like size and shape, by scanning their eyes.

Che Connon, the lead author cum professor of Tissue Engineering at Newcastle University said, “Our 3D printed corneas will now have to undergo further testing and it will be several years before we could be in the position where we are using them for transplants. However, what we have shown is that it is feasible to print corneas using coordinates taken from a patient eye and that this approach has potential to combat the worldwide shortage.”

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