Ibuprofen Affects Daughters’ Fertility In Future

June 4, 2018  Source: Ddu 197

Consumption of commonly available Ibuprofen for just two days by pregnant women during their first 24 weeks may reduce the fertility of their unborn child in future if it is a girl. The child’s egg production after puberty could be affected. This shocking discovery was unveiled by a research team from the National Institute for Health and Medical Research in France.

Severine Mazaud-Guittot, the lead researcher of this work said, "We found that two to seven days of exposure to Ibuprofen dramatically reduced the germ cell stockpile in human fetal ovaries during the first trimester of pregnancy and the ovaries did not recover fully from this damage."

Guittot further added, "This is the first study to look at the effects of Ibuprofen on the ovarian tissue of baby girls, and the first to show that it can cross the placental barrier during the first trimester of pregnancy, exposing the fetus to the drug."

The level of exposure to Ibuprofen was noted to be the same in both mothers and fetuses showing that the effect of Ibuprofen was too drastic in the case of fetuses.

The research team strictly advises pregnant women to restrict the dose and duration of Ibuprofen exposure, in order to get relief from fever and pain.

By Ddu