Discovery of Fat Burner Hormone

June 8, 2018  Source: medicalxpress 188

It was great news in the field of medicine when geneticists from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) created a novel technique to hunt for natural hormones that would enhance cell communication to play a major role in treating obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Scientists discovered two hormones called "notum" and "lipocalin-5", which would aid in the fat burning process. Lipocalin-5 also enhances metabolism and absorption of dietary nutrients by reducing the risk of diabetes and obesity.

This hormonal discovery further extended the scientists to understand a common mechanism among obesity, diabetes and heart disease as they found that a disruption among tissue and organ communication occurred when a patient was affected with diabetes and obesity.

That’s how the UCLA research team developed a technique which could reverse the disruption by pursuing alternate routes of tissue-to-tissue communication. By testing the hormonal functions in both mice and humans who were affected with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, the scientists were able to identify alternative ways of signaling among the tissues and retain normal communication.

Future research would be focused on the communication pattern between hormone-to-tissue and tissue-to-tissue, with the aim of drug development to treat obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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