Cherophobia – A Form of Anxiety

May 31, 2018  Source: Ddu 242

When a series of good events take place in your life, it’s basic human nature to feel happy and enjoy the moment. But not everyone reacts in this way.

In some cases, there are people who fear being constantly happy. This condition is termed as ‘Cherophobia’. It comes from the Greek word ‘Chairo’ which means ‘I rejoice’. This condition is not categorized as mental disorder. But as per the reports of Healthline, few medical experts describe cherophobia as a form of anxiety.

Cherophobic patients are often even afraid to take part in fun events. Psychologically, they would think that something bad is going to happen. They are not sad all the time, but they would avoid uplifting and fun activities and events. They might even think that excessive happiness might harm their family and friends. At times, they might even reach to the level of complete hopelessness.

Carrie Barron, the psychiatrist from Columbia University said, "There is so much talk about the pursuit of happiness these days; it might seem unusual for someone to fear this positive emotion. If it is due to a happiness/punishment link in childhood, it could be more common than we think."

Treatment of cherophobia is possible. Cognitive behavioral therapy and insight-oriented psychotherapy would be useful to understand the cause behind their fear of being happy. Reminding patients of good memories teaches them the importance of joy without any fear of negativity. Ultimately, a patient would have to completely change the way they think. With regular counseling, it is possible to start living in the moment with utmost joy.

By Ddu