Change in Behaviour is the Key to a Healthier Life

June 13, 2018  Source: Fierce Healthcare 175

To ensure a healthy heart for all by 2020, the American Heart Association had prescribed an effective one-stop solution named Life’s Simple 7.

1. Eat better

2. Exercise more

3. Quit smoking

4. Control cholesterol

5. Manage blood pressure

6. Reduce blood sugar

7. Lose weight

By following these 7 principles, around 67% - 84% of patients were noted to show lower cardiac risks.

One might wonder what the strategy behind this no medicine act is. Healthwise initiated a scheme to bring in member-centered behavior change in order to achieve good health goal. Distribution of action plans is not enough. Apart from drug prescriptions, certain behavioral changes like motivation in an innovative manner at specific stages is also mandatory.

It is also suggested to implement behavioral economics towards these healthy behaviors. People would get more motivated by short-term benefits compared to long-term ones. For example, while talking about the uses of physical activity, try to highlight immediate effects like stress reduction rather than delayed effect like weight loss.

Similarly, the right stages should be suggested for every member by following assessment techniques. Only after knowing the assessment information in detail, personalized coaching with proper educational qualifications could predict the specific behavioral stages.

The behavior change strategy will surely improve personalized health outcomes and drastically reduce medical expenses.

By Ddu

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