Baclofen, ‘Wonder Drug’ for Alcohol Use Disorder Proves to be Unsuccessful

July 9, 2018  Source: TechExplorist 157

Baclofen, which was once used to treat spasticity, has started seeing an increase as a prescription for alcohol use disorders. The advantage of Baclofen is that it could be discharged easily through the kidneys to a great extent. Scientists addressed it as a wonder drug due to its effective treatment for alcoholism.

Recently, Addiction Research Scientists from the University of Liverpool compared Baclofen to a placebo for drinking outcomes which include cravings, anxiety and depression. They discovered higher abstinent rates with baclofen, compared to placebo. However, baclofen the results for all other failed, it neither increased the abstinent rates nor decreased the drinking outcome rates.

Dr. Abi Rose, from the Liverpool University’s Addiction Research, said, “The existing trials also differ on a number of factors, such as the dose of baclofen given and the length of treatment. Importantly, the pharmacokinetics of baclofen (how it moves in the body) are not well-understood, so there may be individual factors influencing the effectiveness of baclofen that we do not yet understand.”

Dr. Andy Jones, from the Liverpool University’s Addiction Research, said, “This new meta-analysis shows that baclofen is no more effective than placebo on a range of key outcome measures, suggesting that the current increasing use of baclofen as a treatment for alcohol use disorders is premature.”


By Ddu