Babylon’s AI Passes Mock Tests

June 29, 2018  Source: MobiHealthNews 192

Startup company Babylon Health, which is working on health-related triage chatbots, has earned fame by having a high-profile partnership with the UK’s National Health Service with an overall investment worth more than $200 million. The company is confident enough to state that its AI can go through England’s GP exam successfully and proceed with top physicians in a well-established diagnostic environment.

Dr. Ali Parsa, the founder of Babylon Health stated, “The World Health Organization estimates that there is a shortage of over 5 million doctors globally, leaving more than half the world's population without access to even the most basic healthcare services; Even in the richest nations, primary care is becoming increasingly unaffordable and inconvenient, often with waiting times that make it not readily accessible. Babylon's latest artificial intelligence capabilities show that it is possible for anyone, irrespective of their geography, wealth, or circumstances, to have free access to health advice that is on par with top-rated practicing clinicians.”

Babylon Health’s AI has already passed the MRCGP (Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners) exam and a real practice test with a good score.

Babylon’s system initiates with a conversation and continues into an AI-assisted telemedicine visit. Apart from physician’s conversation with the patient, the system generates visit notes for the physicians. Even the patient’s facial expressions were analyzed and reported to the doctor. Babylon is working on the Alexa app, which would be released by the end of August.

Dr. Ali Parsa further added, "Our mission is to put accessible and affordable health services into the hands of every person on Earth. These landmark results take humanity a significant step closer to achieving a world where no one is denied safe and accurate health advice."

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