Anti-fungal Nylon

May 31, 2018  Source: Ddu 150

Antifungal resistance is a never-ending issue without a one-stop solution. Compared to bacteria, fungal infections are always hard to treat, especially when becoming resistant to available antifungal medications.

An innovative scientific work conducted by Nancy Keller from the University of Wisconsin-Madison revealed that nylon polymers could effectively tackle fungal infections.

Nancy Keller joined hands with chemist Samuel Gellman and microbiologist Christina Hull, who had previously developed antibacterial polymers. They found that nylon polymers were successfully able to control around 24 fungal species, where few of them were azole-resistant. But not all fungi, especially lung infection causing Aspergillus, responded to nylon. The reason behind the nylon activity against fungi is still unclear.

Nancy Keller said, "The fungi are very spread out, in a biochemical way. There was no way of predicting the polymers would be active against such a wide breadth of taxa."

Hence the research team decided to use nylon polymers along with azoles to tackle the remaining fungal species, which might turn out to be an innovative treatment.

By Ddu