5 Free Apps to Treat Anxiety

June 4, 2018  Source: Ddu 383

Anxiety isn't fun and every individual has experienced it at some point in life. As smartphones become so important in our daily lives, it appears that mobile apps that can help us control anxiety would be a real life changer. Applications which don’t require large amounts of money and genuinely work. We have listed 5 life-changing free apps to help control your anxiety.


  1. Anxiety Free - A clinic-based hypnotherapist designed this app called Anxiety Free, which is used for self-hypnosis to assist learning techniques for relaxation. The other aim is to alter subconscious thoughts to lead to more peaceful thoughts and moods.


  1. Pacifica - This app instructs deep breathing and behavioral exercises. It also assists the user how to identify pessimistic thinking patterns and learn how to substitute them with positive ones. It also uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as strengthening exercises.


  1. Panic Relief - It uses actual supported subsist tools to help handle panic attacks. It uses muscle relaxation, breathing, rest, and other skills to help tranquil and safely move through a panic attack.


  1. Self-Help Anxiety Management - This app aims at the idea of mindfulness, or attention. It assists you in identifying the causes of your anxiety and helps you to monitor it. It focuses on fearful thoughts and behaviors and bestows exercises to deal with them and private reflection. This is an age-targeted app.

  2. MindShift - This app is for juveniles and young adults. It helps to gain basic skills to manage anxiety symptoms. It is to help with a wide range of disorders. Mindshift also manages excess worry, test anxiety, performance anxiety, and perfectionism. It also features a "Chill out" tool, which uses breathing exercises, mental imagery, and mindfulness strategies.
By Ddu