Remote eICU program launched to monitor patients health in US Hospitals

May 16, 2018  Source: Ddu 220

A telemedicine platform has been launched in Australia which provides an advanced technological paradigm to patient monitoring practices. The remote intensive care partnership will enable doctors and nurses at the Royal Perth Hospital on the western coast of Australia to explore telemedicine technology to assess patient health in US hospitals that form part of the hub-and-spoke telehealth network of Emory.

The EICU program represents the advanced face of global critical care, which has transitioned care methodologies from bedside care to any site in the world with the aid of an Informatics Center for the implementation of the advanced technology, not impeded by limits of location and time. In case of adverse circumstances impacting the health of ICU patients, clinicians will be empowered through the eICU program for aiding the Atlanta-based bedside team through the understanding and real-time monitoring of adverse physiology, undertaking critical diagnosis and making timely interventions if a patient is going off course.  

The new partnership with Sydney-based Macquarie University is based on a six-month pilot program launched in 2016. As Perth has a time gap of 12 or 13 hours from the US East Coast, it is better suited for clinicians to assess critical patients in US hospitals during nighttime.

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