Onitor Track – A Weight Loss Wearable

July 6, 2018  Source: mHealthSpot 1,173

Onitor Track is an advanced biometric, data-driven program which aids in weight loss. Onitor Track combines a personalized weight loss and nutrition program with a dual-positioned wearable via an app.

This device can either be strapped to the wrist or clipped onto a chest band while performing exercise. The wearable behaves like an ECG heart rate monitor where accurate data will automatically be collected and paired with the data provided by the user via the app. This enables the device to deliver personalized nutrition advice and exercise programs according to the data, helping the user to easily achieve their weight loss target.

Amit Ben-Haim, the CEO of Cloudtag and creator of the Onitor brand, said "The Onitor Track succeeds by combining accurate data capture, which helps it build an excellent picture of each user, and smart manipulation of that data to make a fitness and nutrition program that is constantly refined to gain excellent results; Together, these two things show off two great strengths of our business: the hardware and the software, brought together with a highly targeted purpose."

Onitor Track was powered with technology from its parent company named Cloudtag. It is a technology innovation company led by Ben-Haim, an entrepreneur. Ben-Haim is famous as a co-founder of medical device company Biosense, which was later sold to Johnson & Johnson.

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